Pinterest prohibits inappropriate Halloween costumes

October 4, 2020

Pinterest is cracking down on culturally inappropriate Halloween costumes by allowing them to be reported by users on the site, the company has just reported.

Pinterest, a go-to platform for inspiration virtually any time of the year, has become a hub for Halloween costume ideas when October rolls around. Now, the company is taking a stand against costumes that aim to hurt rather than inspire.

In a statement, Pinterest said, "Halloween should be a time for inspiration - not a time for insensitivity."

Their "cultures aren't costumes" stance comes as many search for themed ideas like "Day of the Dead." Now, when users search these terms, they'll get results from Pinterest employee group PIndigenous and experts like Dr. Adrienne Keene on how to celebrate "thoughtfully and respectfully."

"Despite the pandemic, Halloween certainly isn't cancelled. Pinner are getting creative while staying safe this year by turning to at-home 'Halloween games' (searches up 10x since last year) and decorating every room of the house, including creating a 'haunted mansion bathroom' (3x) or a 'Halloween themed bedroom' (9x)," Insights Manager Swasti Sarna said in a statement.

Pinners will have the opportunity to report any costume ideas that they find culturally appropriative and will be able to see a prominent Pin from experts to be further educated on the potentially offensive things they may be searching for.

Fear not, pinners. Pinterest still has a gamut of Halloween inspiration and ideas to deck out your homes or create a noteworthy costume using their Pinterest Halloween guide and the many ideas that fall under the Today Tab through the month of October.

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