Nurse Demonstrates the Dangers of Cross Contamination, Even While Wearing Gloves

April 8, 2020

Molly Lixley, a nurse from Michigan, understands why people fear the coronavirus pandemic.

And while she knows many are taking extra precautions to prevent the spread of the global outbreak, she is urging people everywhere to understand the risks involved in protective measures.

In a video shared by Good Morning America, Lixley sought out to impart an important lesson to those who wear gloves when they go out during the pandemic.

In addition to urging people to wash their hands, she made a video of herself using paint to demonstrate how cross contamination can happen at a grocery store.

In the demonstration video, Lixley puts on her gloves and dips her fingers in a plate of paint representing the germs one may find on an item at the supermarket.

She proceeded to send a text on her phone and scratch her nose with her stained fingers, leaving behind paint markings, showing just how easily germs can spread even while wearing gloves.

“There’s no point in wearing gloves if you’re not going to wash your hands every time you touch something,” Lixley stressed. “There’s no point, friends.”

Lixley, who has worked in an emergency room as a nurse, said people should not leave their used gloves in parking lots. She showed how to take off these gloves properly, stressing the importance of wrapping the contaminated surfaces inside of the gloves. And she couldn't understate the importance of where to throw them

“You take them off appropriately, and they belong in the trash,” Lixley said. “In the trashcan, people.”

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