'We Have To Protect Each Other': Nurse Recovering From COVID-19 Shares Her Experience

April 23, 2020

A nurse who is recovering from COVID-19 said she wants people to know they should take it seriously and should protect each other from it.

Nasreen Mohammad is a registered nurse who works with geriatric patients at the Manor Care rehab facility in Palos Heights. She believes she contracted COVID-19 from a patient she worked with.

She started getting mild symptoms a few weeks ago, and about a week later started getting the fever that's commonly associated with the coronavirus. That's when she isolated herself in her bedroom, made her husband stay home, and would not let her 15-year old son return home from a visit to his grandparents house.

"Looking back, I hated it, but it’s necessary. We all have to stick it out. We have to protect each other," Mohammad said.

She said she became extremely fatigued.

"I couldn’t lift head up. The fever wasn’t getting any better. My cough was getting much worse. The aches. I’ve had the flu before. This was way beyond the flu," she said.

Mohammad said she was not hospitalized, but things did get serious.

"After the ninth day of being in quarantine, it was to the point, my cough. I kept coughing and coughing where I couldn’t even catch my breath," she said.

The nurse said it's important for people to be proactive when dealing with COVID-19 symptoms.

"Got the humidifier, I just kept steaming water, kept drinking, taking deep breaths, doing a lot of breathing exercises, kept on the tea, tried to stay as active as I possibly could at the time, because immobility is what can kill you," Mohammad said.

Nasreen Mohammad suggests those protesting to return their states “to normal” are misinformed.  She said, if they knew how serious COVID-19 is, "they wouldn't be reacting as they are now."

Mohammad is back at work, but said she’s still trying to get back to full strength.

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