Mother Says Giving Birth During Coronavirus Is a ‘Blessing in Disguise’

April 19, 2020

A mother of a two-week-old baby shared a unique perspective about childbirth.

Good Morning America reported that the mom of the newborn said giving birth during the coronavirus pandemic is a "blessing in disguise."

Stephanie Lancaster of Tennessee wrote about her experience in a piece on Knoxville Moms. She said when she was 38 weeks pregnant, she was full of fear and anxiety. While waiting to give birth, she said hospital protocols were changing every day.

"This time, it was just my husband and I. The room was quiet. No chaos of visitors. The conversations were just him and I," Lancaster wrote.

Lancaster, a photographer in Knoxville, said she was allowed to soak up every moment without any distractions. She also shared how she cannot wait to share her baby with family and friends, but right now, she is blessed to spend some alone time with her newborn.

While writing her post, she also offered some advice for the mothers who have to give birth during this pandemic. She said women should take a breath.

"While this is probably not how you imagined your delivery, find the blessing through this mess," Lancaster said.

Lancaster wanted her post to bring comfort to these new mothers. She understands how difficult this can be and said there could be positives from this and new mothers should enjoy them.

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