Man Falls Through Sidewalk Grate During Protest in Charlotte

May 31, 2020

A man was rushed to the hospital after falling through a sidewalk grate during protests in Charlotte, North Carolina.

During the protests, WBTV reported that officers were trying to push back people who were protesting the death of George Floyd, a man who died in police custody this week in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Protesters began to scream for help when a man walking on the sidewalk fell through an opening to a parking deck.

Bria Bell, a local reporter in the area, reported that when these protestors started to yell for help, it took a minute for officials to realize that somebody was hurt due to the chaos.

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department reported that protesters began to throw rocks at firefighters trying to rescue the man.

According to Medic, the man was reportedly rushed to Atrium-Main.

Floyd's death sparked anger around the country and ignited days of protests. Derek Chauvin, the suspect who appears to kneel his full weight on George Floyd's neck while he begged for help, gasping that he couldn't breathe, was charged with 3rd Degree Murder and Manslaughter.

The three other officers on the scene and involved in the murder were also fired. No charges have been filed against them yet.

The streets of west Charlotte were no different on Friday evening as protestors joined forces and let their voices be heard chanting "Black Lives Matter," "Justice for George" and "No Justice, No Peace," hoping to evoke change for the black community.

Peaceful protesting began around 6 p.m. outside the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police headquarters.

Around 9 p.m., Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police declared the protest an 'unlawful assembly' and began dispersing the crowd.

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