Jennifer Lopez Reacts to Lisa Rinna's 'Awesome' Halloween Costume

October 31, 2019

Will the real J.Lo please stand up!

They say imitation is the greatest form of flattery, so then Jennifer Lopez should be extremely pleased with Lisa Rinna’s Jenny from the frock Halloween costume.

The “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star got accolades for flawlessly recreating Lopez’s game-changing sexy green Versace gown from the 2000 GRAMMY Awards to attend the Casamigos Halloween party over the weekend.

In addition to rocking a version of the jungle print dress, the 56-year-old copied the signature high ponytail and worked some of the former Fly Girl’s moves by dancing to Lopez’s 2002 hit “Jenny from the Block.”

And while Rinna was showered with love on social media for the spot-on transformation, the true test was to see if Lopez herself approved of the reality diva’s interpretation of the iconic fashion moment.

"I saw that on Instagram..actually Alex [Rodriguez} sent that to me. He's like, 'LOOK!’” Lopez said to “Access Hollywood,” before revealing her verdict.

"It was really, really cute. She looked awesome."

Tens across the board!

While the original plunging gown has become legendary and was the motivation for the creation of Google Image Search, Lopez added to its pop culture iconography by wearing an updated version to close out the Versace runway show at Milan Fashion Week in September.

On Thursday, the “Hustlers” star proved how much she loves everyone dressing up as her by sharing a compilation video showing women, men and even little kids dressed in the now-classic look.

“This is amazing!!!! Happy Halloween! ------,” Lopez captioned the Instagram video which ends with Rinna’s recreation.

If you are still looking for a Halloween costume, Fashion Nova is selling a budget-friendly version of the historic J.Lo Versace number for $70. Trick or treat!