Daughter Devastated After Dad Dies of Coronavirus and Can't Hold Funeral

April 23, 2020

Ashley Cooper had to say goodbye unexpectedly to her father.

Days before her father, Philip Cooper, died of COVID-19, hospital employees told the 33-year-old that he was in stable condition and would be healthy enough to return home, reported People.

Unfortunately, reality became a nightmare for Ashley as her father suddenly passed away on April 2nd.

Ashley said her father was her “best friend” and the loss has been devastating.

“What hurts me most is when the quarantine is up, and we all get back to our lives, not having that," Ashley said. "That scares me.”

Prior to getting ill, the 73-year-old appeared healthy and worked out six days a week.

He started feeling sick around Thanksgiving.

The retired teacher initially thought he had the flu, but his family was concerned when he still wasn’t feeling well by the middle of February.

“My mom took him to the hospital, and they said he had a bacterial infection and pneumonia because he had a bad cough,” Ashley added.

After more than a week in the hospital, Phillip was allowed to go home. His daughter said at the time he seemed to be doing “okay.” However, he still had a bad cough and pre-existing kidney issues.

Although coronavirus began to spread rapidly throughout the United States, Ashley did not believe that her father had the virus.

His symptoms took a turn for the worse and Ashley urged her father to get tested. On March 30th, the results came back positive, but doctors allegedly told him that he would be okay and allowed him to return home again. A day later, the 73-year old was rushed to the ICU after having trouble breathing and was put on a ventilator. He died two days later.

With social distancing measures in effect, Ashley and her family were prevented from from holding a proper funeral service and had her father cremated.

“There’s no closure this way. It’s like he was plucked out of my life, and it feels like it could’ve been prevented,” she said.

Once it is safe, Ashley plans to honor her father with a memorial service.

“I will wait so we can have a memorial service that represents him because he had so many people who loved him,” she said. “He loved going out and celebrating. He just loved life and he really did live it like every day was his last.”

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