Escape 2020 and Travel Back to the 70s at the Miller Timeshare

September 2, 2020

Photo credit Miller Lite

CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) -- Wishing you could escape all the negativity 2020 has brought to a happier, more positive time? Well, Miller Lite has just the thing with its Miller Timeshare.

Miller Lite is sending you back to 1975 - the year Miller Lite was first introduced nationally and also a time that was a bit groovier, as one might say - with its Miller Timeshare.

Miller Lite took what once was an everyday lake house and completely overhauled it into the Miller Timeshare to take people back in time to the 70's. The Miller Timeshare is complete with mod furniture, an avocado-colored kitchen, groovy shag carpets, nifty house plants, and funky wood paneling.

Miller Timeshare
Photo credit Miller Lite

The timeshare comes fully stocked with Miller Lite in numerous rooms, as well as in a retro mini bar that also features old school snacks, like Funyuns, Ring Pops, Ding Dongs, and more. Guests can enjoy 70’s slippers, koozies, frisbees, playing cards, and rubik’s cubes; as well as a game room with a pinball machine, a functioning old school record player with records, and throwback ‘70s board games. Anyone up for a game of Twister?

The Midwest timeshare is located in Mona Lake, Michigan and there is really no better time for it to open, as according to an Expedia survey, 85 percent of people are planning or likely to go on a road trip this summer for a change of scenery, rather than fly. And, Mona Lake, Michigan is a short drive from both Detroit and Chicago. So there is no better time then to get your Miller Time on!

Miller Timeshare
Photo credit Miller Lite

“End of summer travel looks a little different this year,” said Courtney Dugan, director of activation for Miller Lite. “But it’s still time for Miller Time, so Miller Lite created the Miller Timeshare, a groovy space for a small group to get together, put on a record, crack open some beers, and escape 2020 for a couple days.”

The house costs $96 a night and has a three night maximum for dates between Sept. 10-30. Guests can book their stay at the Miller Timeshare exclusively on Booking begins Sept. 4 at 9 a.m. and is first, come first served. The lake house holds up to eight guests, and is only for those ages 21 and up.

It's Miller Time!

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