Cardi B Asks for Wig Back After Throwing It Into the Crowd

“I got carried away”

July 8, 2019

By Tiana Timmerberg

The running joke of having something be so impressive it blows your wig off has been brought to life by none other than Cardi B.

Cardi B is spending her summer playing some of the biggest festival in the world. With lots of stunning performances and special guests up her sleeves, Cardi has also had to face some less-than-ideal situations. After performing in a bathrobe, she’s back to perform without her wig.

During her set at London’s Wireless Festival, Cardi was so into her performance of new song “Press” that she threw her wig into the crowd. Although it was fun in the moment, she quickly realized her mistake and soon asked fans from the show to return her lost… hair.

“I got carried away,” she wrote on Twitter. “I want my wig back.” Cardi is asking fans with any knowledge of her missing wig to please DM her.

While Cardi is hoping to have her wig returned, a listing on Ebay suggests it’s already too late for that. An alleged piece of her wig is being sold for 100 pounds, while another Twitter user claims to have the rest of it.

And a reminder that full lace wigs are not cheap. Please return to its rightful owner.