All the Baby Yoda Toys Available for Pre-Order (Including an Animatronic That Coos)

February 22, 2020

Baby Yoda merchandise is going to be the hottest purchase of 2020!

Since the alien’s debut on the Disney+ series “The Mandalorian,” fans have been patiently waiting to hand over their hard-earned coins for toys bearing The Child’s (that’s his official name) likeness.

Toys of the force-sensitive cutie were largely in demand over the holiday season, but given Baby Yoda’s overnight rise to stardom, Disney held back on production.

“Holding back on product development gave everyone the chance to discover the character affectionately known to fans as ‘Baby Yoda’ together. This is something special in the age of spoilers. I am so appreciative of the partnership with the teams at Lucasfilm and Disney who are translating these characters into products for fans to enjoy,” series creator John Favreau said in a statement to Variety.

But now, a slew of Baby Yoda products and toys are debuting at New York Toy Fair this weekend with many gearing up for a spring release.

Check out our gallery of merch available, and may the force be with you as you pre-order.

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