Airbnb cracks down on Halloween rentals to curb unauthorized partying

October 5, 2020

If you're looking for a Halloween getaway, you may want to consider leaving for more than just one night. Airbnb is cracking down on one-night stays over Halloween to cut down on potential parties.

Announced on Friday, the company claimed they would be banning one-night rentals of entire homes on October 30 or October 31. Any reservations already made will be refunded, the New York Post reports.

They'll also be looking deeper into the longer stays, too. A two- or three-night rental of an entire home nearby to where the guest lives will raise red flags. A history of poor reviews on the app will also be cause for concern.

A series of house party shootings in the last year have caused Airbnb to crack down on their policies regarding unauthorized parties.

In July, the company banned US and Canadian guests under the age of 25 from booking entire homes if the home was close to where the guests live and the guests had fewer than three positive reviews on their account.

Airbnb has warned that they can take legal action if any of their policies are violated by guests.

In August, Airbnb took first-time legal action against a guest for throwing an unauthorized party in Sacramento, California.

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