200 Movie Theaters Have Reopened Following Coronavirus Shutdowns

May 16, 2020

Filmgoers are slowly being able to watch movies on the big screen again.

After film productions and theaters shut down two months ago amid the coronavirus pandemic, streaming platforms became the main way Americans were enjoying their favorite movies.

But the industry appears to be ramping back up as 200 movie theaters have reopened across the country, reported Variety.

Most of those are actually outdoor drive-in theaters, which have seen a dramatic increase in patronage since the onset of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Of the 306 drive-ins in the country, 150 are now up and running again.

As far as indoor movie theaters, there are approximately 50 open for business, according to the outlet.

States with brick and mortar theaters open include Texas, Arkansas, Georgia, Oklahoma and South Dakota.

The earliest the major movie chains like AMC, Cinemark and Regal plan to reopen is mid-summer. Currently, “Unhinged” starring Russell Crowe is scheduled to be released on July 1st, with director Christopher Nolan’s film “Tenet” is up next on July 17th.

Those dates could change as almost every major 2020 film release has been postponed or rescheduled in the last several months.

Some of the bigger titles including Daniel Craig’s final act as James Bond in “No Time to Die” and Gal Gadot’s sequel to “Wonder Woman” were forced to move premieres to later in the year. Some films will debut in 2021, while other titles have been pushed back to 2022.

Other films like “Onward” and “Birds of Prey,” were re-released on demand to entertain audiences that are stuck at home and looking for something to sink their teeth into during quarantine.

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